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I am first-born American of German immigrants. Back several generations to the 1700s, my paternal ancestors were born, lived, married and died in towns and villages several miles generally west and north of Chemnitz. Among these are Burkersdorf, Hartmannsdorf and Limbach, for which Archion church records exist. I am in the process of laboriously scanning these records page by page for any records of a Köblitz! I would love to hear from any German in that area of Saxony who may know of a Köblitz still living there. Please note that the name exists for many more Germans without the "ö", that is Koblitz. That is an important familial distinction in Germany, and I am not descended from those.

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There are still people with the name Köblitz living in saxony. For a first overview you can look there:
Please do not miss the maps showing the local distribution.

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