Lastnames in the north of Germany

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Hello, I have realised that many lastnames in the north of germany, specifically in Schleswig Holstein, have scandinavian influences? Such as carlsen, petersen, nissen etc. Which would mean son of carl, son of peter and son of nis...please correct me if I am wrong, I am new in this subject and the history of this area of my ancestors.
So continuing with that; what about Harksen? I haven’t seen that name as “first name” which would be Hark. Does it exist? Or maybe Harksen comes from other root?
I appreciate any opinion or information.
Thanks a lot this forum is awesome!
Great people
Best regards Paola Schneider

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Hi Paola,
Yes, you´re right about the last names in Schleswig-Holstein, and the first name Hark actually exists as well.

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You may want to look up using a search engine like Google:

-patronymic naming traditions

-history of Holstein

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