Berlin IX Marriage Records

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TRANSLATION (at least an attempt-

Before the undersigned registrar appeared today, the personal
known Schacht"-master (?) Johann August Wilhelm Christoph Schiele
living in Eichwalde
and indicated that

Emilie Leopoldine Christine Schiele née Hankel, his wife,
69 years old, Protestant religion
residing in Eichwalde with the reporting party
born in Kalbe an der Saale

Daughter of the deceased teacher Hankel,
who was last residing in Kalbe, and his deceased wife Leopoldine nee Stötzer
last residing in Gernrode (the father's first name is unknown)

deceased in Eichwalde in the applicant's dwelling
on February 9th
of the year thousand eight hundred ninety and seven
In the afternoon at five o'clock

Read out, approved and signed
-August Schiele-

The registrar


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Many thanks!

I have spent the day here trying to locate records for these new locations that you all have brought to my attention:

Kalbe (Saale)
Maltsch (Oder) / Malczyce

I have not found any information. May anyone have any suggestions or knowledge of where I can look?

Please advise if you would prefer I post this in a different Archion Forum.

(Also, I do not find information regarding Richard Schiele indicated above: born ~ 1856 and died 1892 Radeland (Eichwalde).

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Good evening,

church registers for....

Calbe (Saale) "please note the correct spelling, starting with C not K as in this quoted record!" - not online available

Gernrode - not online available

Maltsch (Malczyce), district Neumarkt, Silesia - not online available
further details see on this website

Good luck and regards, Vera

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>(Also, I do not find information regarding Richard Schiele indicated above: born ~ 1856 and died 1892 Radeland (Eichwalde).<

Einfach in dem Kirchenbuch, in dem auch die Mutter steht, in dem richtigen Jahr nachsehen....

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To Ellen:
Ref. your family tree. You say

> Johanna Henriette Martha wurde am 5. November 1858 in Podles'ye, Brest, Weißrußland, geboren <

Sorry, that is not right - she was born in
Maltsch an der Oder.
Now called Malczyce Poland - as told you twice.
(about 650 km away from
Podles'ye, Brest, Weißrußland)


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Thank you for the link to the information regarding the death of Richard Schiele in 1892.

Regarding the birthplace of Johanna Henriette Martha - - I am not sure why you are seeing that I have her birthplace listed as Weissrussland. This seems to be an "" problem. I do have her birthplace listed as Maltsch an der Oder. But I see that it seems to show up for other people viewing my tree as: Podles'ye, Brest, ... I can not explain this but please know that I have written it correctly as Maltsch an der Oder. (I do not know why, but I have seen other place names get mangled in

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Ellen, yes, I think, it is a problem of the software of ancestry. A lot of members in my family went to America during the 19th century. With some of their descendants I came in contact about ancestry. I saw also in their (and a lot of other) familycharts twisted unknowable differences. Nobody knews the reason. Then I tried to find it out and put in 3 sample family trees - ofcourse with the right names and birth dates and so on - and after that I got automatically inquiries to get permission to put together the persons I put to a tree - with the persons of their and other family trees. I think - I do not really know - that is was the same procedure for you and also the change for your place Maltsch in Poland to be now in Weißrussland - but why changed also the name of the town in a complete other word ? - What I decided for me, that I will never give the allowance to mix or connect my familytrees with other ones.
Maybe I have to ask ancestry to solve the case.