1860's Görmin (new Loitz) Prussian church records

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I have a few family Prussian evangelical church birth records provided by a pastor for immigration purposes prepared in 1868 for children born between 1863-1866 with a location of Görmin (new Loitz). I'd like to find the birth/christening/baptism church records for these children but I'm struggling to find where to browse on Archion for these.

I think I am at the right starting point of Northern Germany: State Church Archive of the Evangelical Lutheran Church but I'm struggling to find the right district to search. The Church district of Mecklenburg seems the most promising but then I'm not sure where to go from there.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Thank you!


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Good morning,

yes, you have the correct starting point.

You may consider to switch this website's interface language to EN = English --- see most upper right corner. (In case you haven't done so already.)

Then make use of Archion's Search function.
Enter i.e. Görmin - make sure to use the umlauted German character ö

Result: right now, no church register for Görmin are already online available at Archion.

So a bit more patience seems to be required.

Regards, Vera

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Görmin church registers are part of Vorpommern.

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It's hard for us Archion users to figure out how much patience will be required. E.g. recently I had a question concerning Loitz, which only a friendly contact person in Loitz could answer, since the responsible Kirchenkreisarchiv (church district archive) itself does not have copies. In such cases, it will probably take years before the church records can be found here. However, here is an overview of the church records from Görmin:
If you do not want to wait for availability in Archion, contact the archive in Greifswald:
Pommerscher Evangelischer Kirchenkreis
Karl-Marx-Platz 15
17489 Greifswald
Either they will help you directly (at the usual church fees) or give you a local contact.


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