dragging image causes zoom change

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Over this past summer, when I am moving the image on the page to view the top, bottom, left or right part of the image, the dragging motion (Click, hold, and move) frequently results in a zoom change and reloads the image. It happens often, sometimes multiple times on the same image. I use firefox and chrome--it happens on both. I've also tried changing the mouse and logging in to a different computer and it still happens.

I've only had this problem in recent months, never before, if that helps.

Thanks for your time,

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Hallo Lynn,
der Versuch, das beschriebene Problem nachzustellen, brachte keine Ergebnisse. Ziehbewegungen waren ohne Probleme möglich. Bitte würden Sie uns über das Feedbackformular im Viewer einen Link schicken, sobald das Problem wieder auftaucht?


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