Ernst Meijer

Kan Archion mij (op weg) helpen om te bevestigen (of niet) dat Ernst Meijer zie Amsterdamse ondertrouw akte uit 1734 toen hij 27 jaar was en aanvankelijk uit Reelkirchen (Relekerke) dezelfde personen zouden kunnen zijn als Joh. Ernst Meyers geoopt 24 april 1708 in Reelkirchen. Wegen van informatie die alleen te vinden zijn in Joh. Ernst Kinderen te krijgen in Duitsland, terwijl Ernst Meijer Kinderen in Nederland krijgt. Van deze laatste heb ik de digitale naakten. Alleen van Joh. Ernst Meyers heeft de informatie op FamilySearch staat. Bij voorbaat mijn dank voor wat inlichting. Joop Meijer / Zuid-Afrika.
In case the people you are trying to find / or to identify / or to rule out were of Lutheran religious belief, you are able to look for them within the corresponding church registers of Reelkirchen which are online available here at Archion.

Archion records are not indexed, so you cannot search for names or the like, but instead have to look thru the digitized church registers.

In order to be able to do so, besides being able to read at least some historic German script of course, you need to buy a so-called Pass.

To study Archion's Help pages or to have a look at some initial basics about Archion may not hurt as well, right?

As soon as you've identified records of interest pertaining to your research, you're welcome to ask for deciphering help. How to do so is either described in Help or in this topic

Kind regards, Vera
Thanks for your reply Vera.

I have no problem buying the pass, as long as I know that what I am looking for is digital available. As I have not worked with Archion before, I am not yet familiar with the website. I know the place (Reelkirchen) and date/year 24 April 1708 and name for the person whith which I want to start my search. Just wondering if this would be my starting point.

Kind regards. Joop
Thank you, I mentioned the name ( Joh. Ernst Meyers gedoopt 24 april 1708 in Reelkirchen ) in my first forum post from yesterday (see top of this page). Is this digital available. If so I can buy my pass.

Yes, the provided Permalink points directly to the baptism entry on 24 April 1708 within the church registers of Reelkirchen.
Yes, the provided Permalink points directly to the baptism entry on 24 April 1708 within the church registers of Reelkirchen.
Yes I've got it. Joh Ernst en Anna Maria . In the previous pages I could find the months of the year and also on the next page. But I can't find the month "april" written somewhere. I am surprised to read that it concerns 2 children. Are these twins? Or is there maybe another reason. In the text I read something like; ihre 2 un?glife kindern. Can you help? TIA.