Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelisch-lutherischen Landeskirche in Braunschweig

For your genealogical research, you can access church records from the Lutheran-Protestant Church in Brunswick online at Archion.

Visitor address

Landeskirchliches Archiv
Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Straße 1
38300 Wolfenbüttel / Germany

Archive of the Protestant-Lutheran Regional Church in Brunswick

Landeskirchliches Archiv Wolfenbüttel

The Regional Church Archive with its headquarters in Wolfenbüttel organizes and makes accessible the archive documents of the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Brunswick. It administers the church books of parishes in Brunswick, films of church books as well as garrison and field church books and stores numerous estates and collections. A central task of the Regional Church Archive is to make the stored archive documents usable.

Information on the Territory

The Protestant-Lutheran Regional Church in Brunswick comprises 300 parishes and 12 provostries between Wolfsburg and Bad Harzburg, Peine and Helmstedt, as well as in the exclaves Calvörde and Blankenburg. The Regional Church thus includes territories of the two federal states Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, to be precise a part of the former administrative district Brunswick and Hanover and the areas around Blankenburg (Harz) and Calvörde.

The Church Book Inventory of the Archive

Protestant Church Records from Brunswick

The Regional Church Archive Wolfenbüttel stores original church books from 1815 to the 20th century, partly also older volumes, as well as certain digitized materials and microfiches. Further, especially older church books from Brunswick are predominantly stored at the Lower Saxony State Archive, the parishes, and the Municipal Archive Brunswick.


In legal terms, the church books of the Regional Church in Brunswick belong to the parishes, but the archive is entitled to film and digitize the inventory. Large parts of the church books stored in the Regional Church Archive Wolfenbüttel are currently being digitized by a service provider or are already available in digital form.

What is Already Online with Archion?

At the moment, 80 parishes with the respective church records are available online for your family research (status: January 2022). Moreover, some field church books can also be viewed.

What is There yet to Come?

A small part of the church records as of 1815 is still stored in the respective parishes. It is planned to digitize them.

Utilization on site in the Regional Church Archive in Wolfenbüttel

If you need a church book for your family research that is not (yet) recorded online with Archion, it is possible to conduct research on site in the reading room of the Regional Church Archive Wolfenbüttel. Please find more relevant information on the homepage of the archive: Benutzung | Evangelisch-lutherische Landeskirche in Braunschweig (