Functions and Benefits

First Steps with ARCHION

ARCHION opens you the gate to digitized representations of historic orginal documents that enrich your family research. Independent of place and time you can look through more than 150,000 church books for 365 days a year.

Browse through these valuable treasures page by page, including old manuscripts and authentic ink stains, and discover your ancestors’ history.

  1. Search

    Search for church records free of charge

  2. Book a pass

    Book a pass to view the digital documents related to the church records you have found

  3. View digital documents online in the online viewer

    View an unlimited number of digital documents during the booking period

  4. Bookmark individual pages

    Save interesting church books in your online memory list to find them again quickly

  5. Download specific pages

    After booking a pass, you can download individual pages for your documentation

  6. Forum

    Exchange information with the community in our forum

Church Records

Research from Home with Original Church Books

Depending on which view you prefer you can check free of charge which church records are already available by using the functions Search or All Archives. ARCHION primarily presents original church records online. Please keep in mind that church records have been kept in handwriting, so please read our respective notes.

How to find church books

Search for Church Books

Source-based Genealogy via the ARCHION Location Search

This function offers you the opportunity to search for specific church records by entering a place name.

  • Quick and easy search for church records from a specific place
  • Fine-tuning of your search by entering specific annual data
  • Research independent of time and place on 365 days a year
  • Digital material related to church records can be viewed with a pass
All Archives

Original Sources at the Click of a Mouse with the ARCHION Function “All Archives”

This function offers you the opportunity to search for specific contents step by step: from the archive to the church districts and church books.

  • Overview of all archives in ARCHION
  • Overview of all church books based on localization
  • View information about a church book you have found
  • If it already exists in digital form, you van view it by booking a pass
  • The inventory is growing steadily - every day, further church records from our partner archives are being added

View digitized church books from home in our online viewer.

Online Viewer

View Digitized Church Records Online with the ARCHION Online Viewer

With this function, you can look at our church books online from home at any time. When you have found the desired contents, you can choose between different access passes to view the documents.

  • Full cost control with our fair payment system
  • During the booking period, an unlimited number of pages can be viewed
  • Check, if you get along with ARCHION resp. the older handwriting

Get access to digitized material on ARCHION now

Book a pass
Booking a Pass

Booking a Pass - How it Works

If the church records you are looking for are online, the next step is to select a pass that suits your requirements.

  • All passes expire automatically upon the period of time selected by you.
  • No automatic renewal
  • If you wish to continue your research, book another pass.
  • You would like to buy a pass as a gift? We also offer vouchers in our shop

Search for church books

Book a pass

View digitized material

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