Where is Höfe?

In 1700's I have ancestors that lived in Höfe, according to the Evangelische Kirche records in Borgholzhausen. However I am unable to find Höfe on any maps in or around the Borgholzhausen area. Can someone help me find the locality?
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Ralph Roesler
Hello Ralph.

„Höfe“ or „in den Höfen“ in the church registers of Borgholzhausen is a historic / ancient name for Winkelshütten. [Winkelshuetten]

It‘s located north-east of the historic center of Borgholzhausen, being more a name for an area than a place.


From the beginning of the 20th Century onwards you‘ll no longer find this term being used in the Borgholzhausen church registers.

Greetings, Vera
...in adition.... when you have a look at the map

....the direction included is intended to outline the region which was called "Höfe" / "in den Höfen" in the 18. Century

Today near the border of the German states Northrhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony

Greetings, Vera