Engter Taufen 1724-1794 Index Confusion


I think I am misunderstanding something in the Baptism 1724-1794 records and need some help.

On Image280 the index for this church book starts for 1725-1771 with the boys and girls separated. My interest is in the Helmkamp surname.
Line #1 line for the girls is Tina Magreta ?? Helmkamp. I have searched through the church book for years 1724, 1725, and 1726 and cannot find this record. This is the same with Line #17 with Johan Heinrich KleinHelmkamp on the boys side.

Image7 is a page out of the 1725 birth records of the same book above. Looking at record #40 You will see Dad Johan Herman Otte and Son Herman Heinrich Otte. I have looked through the 1725 birth indexOn Image280 for Herman Heinrich Otte and I cannot find him in the list or any other Otte .

This is also the same withImage7looking at record #41 I cannot find Anna Catrina von der Berge in the list. There was only one other Anna Catrina but the last name was not the same nor did I see any other von der Berge .

Am I missing something here or is something out of sync?
This is no name index, but instead a list of boys and girls who were confirmed in 1725 and therefore were allowed to attend Lord’s Supper / Holy Communion for the first time.

Children were regularly confirmed in Lutheran(!) churches at about 13 or 14 years of age.

So the calculated year of birth of these boys and girls is ca. 1711 / 1712.
Ah! Thank you so much for the clarification. This makes huge difference and gives me another generation to document. I knew I was missing something.