Elisabeth Reinermann 1686 DE nord .

Wer ist Elisabeth Reinermann Deutschland ( nord) um 1686 mit Jacob Bendix alter, allerdings ohne Ehe, - Tocher Christina , starb aber erst 1. Jahr alt. ?
Ich frage mich , ob die Eltern Heinrich Reinerman sind ,- Kotter heiratete am 20 Mai 1725 with Christina LEVE , mit 5 KIndern . Nr. 3 . Elisabeth Reinerman den 11. November 1731 in Dulmen , Deutschland .
Es gibt eine Elisabeth Reinermann, getauft 01.11. 1731 in Hausdulmen ( Stadtteil vom Dulmen) die Eltern sind Heinrich Reinermann ( abt . 1701- ? ) und Christina Leve . ( Lewe) .
A place called "Dulmen" does not exist. It is called "Dülmen". The correct orthography without the umlaut "ü"=ue is "Duelmen". Dülmen in what is today North Rhine-Westphalia is part of today's Steinfurt-Coesfeld-Borken church district. There are apparently no digitized records in Archion yet. You therefore do not need to post any additional information about individuals from Dülmen that cannot currently be checked here in Archion. Personally, I have absolutely no idea about Dülmen. Information, as well as a contact form for genealogical inquiries, can be found on the website of the researcher you mentioned: https://www.duelmen-genealogie.de/index.php
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