Archiv der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Landeskirche Oldenburg

For your genealogical research, you can access church records from the archive of the Lutheran-Protestant Church in Oldenburg online at Archion.

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Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Oldenburg
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Archive of the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Oldenburg

Archiv der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche in Oldenburg

The archive of the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Oldenburg stores the heritage of the High Consistory of the Oldenburg Regional Church and of various church institutions and associations.  Apart from estates it accommodates, among other things, an archive with photos of church buildings and a collection of the parish letters of all congregations.


Information on the Territory

In spatial terms, the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Oldenburg mainly comprises the territory of the former state of Oldenburg that was incorporated into the federal state Lower Saxony in 1946. The Oldenburg Regional Church reaches from Wangerooge to the Damme Hills, from the bank of the Weser to Eastern Frisia. It consists of 116 parishes that are organized in six church districts.

The Church Book Inventory of the Archive

Oldenburg Church Records Online

The church books of the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Oldenburg belong to the parishes and are therefore also stored there. In the central archive, the church books of the oldest parishes can be viewed as films and digitized material. The books comprise the period between the 17th and the 19th century.


The activities around digitization - the transport from the parishes and back, the creation of lists, damage protocols and the like - is carried out by the archive itself. External companies are entrusted with the filming and digitization of the church books. The parishes have to consent to the publication before digitized church records can be put online with Archion.

Most of the old church books have already been digitized. Unfortunately, a complete overview of the church books as of 1900 is still under development. As soon as the digitization of all older church books is completed, it will be decided how to deal with the church records that are still missing.

What is Already Online with Archion?

At the moment, church books from almost 100 parishes can be viewed online, i.e. a large part of the books that reach into the 19th century. Further digitized material will follow.

Utilization on site in the Oldenburg Archive

If you need a church book for your family research that is not (yet) recorded online with Archion, it is possible to conduct research on site in the archive in Oldenburg. Please find more detailed information on utilizing the archive on the homepage: Benutzung - Ev.-Luth. Kirche in Oldenburg (