Death entry translation

Could someone please translate my ancestors death info.

Levern Beerdigungen für 1820-1847, band 10
view page 224/301

I can read the following:

#75 Christian Friedrich Rebbert. lived in Mehnen 10. age 56 Died September 17 buried September 20th in Levern

What I am missing is that all his descendants are noted with the surname Rebbe and now I am seeing both Rebbe and Rebbert in this entry. Plus a word “Punteberg” which I dont know if thats a location in 1838 or a surname. Theres also info to the column left of the death date that I cant read and am hoping someone can translate that.

I’m hoping that I can find his parents and am wondering if this record can shed any light.

Thank you very much.
Christian Friedrich Rebbert.
/in Hunteburg(*) geb⟨o⟩r⟨en⟩___
(auch(?) Rebbe.)

Mehnen bei(?) 10

(age) 56

Eine Wittwe, zwei
Söhne, zwei Töchter; -
minorenn u majorenn.

(died) September
17 siebenzehnten
2 - zwei ⟨Uhr⟩

(buried) Septbr 20

(in) Levern