Could you please help me translate?


(groom, profession:)
Christian Friedrich,

Charlotte Wilhelmine,
jüngste Tochter des zu
Patzenick verstorbenen
Maurergesellen Carl

(age of groom:)

(age of bride:)

(marriage place:)

(marriage date:)
d. achtzehn Febr.
(February 18 (1831))

Awesome! You’re so talented in reading and translating. Thank you so much! Yes, that’s Jatznick. I think it is finally Müller that I have been looking for.
Really? That’s good to hear this. I have many ancestors from that area. Were you able to find any records in Ancestry? Not enough records there! My 3rd great grandma was always Charlotte Pasewald, I hesitate if she used her maiden name or not… I had to read all records and wrote down… I am glad to join the Archion and found few. Couldn’t find her possible husband, Christian Friedrich Pasewalt’s birth place in 1799, also his death place? Anyway, I hope it’s now Charlotte Müller! Smile!

I am not sure if that’s the daughter of Pasewalt and Müller? First name of Pasewalt looks different from Christian Friedrich in earlier link.
The parents are:

Christian Pasewalt
Eigenthümer [literally translated: owner] u.d. Ehefr. [and his wife]
Charlotte Müller

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