Research with Archion - Step by Step

1 Searching

Search through church records
Depending on your preferred method of searching, you can see which church records are available online either by using the search function or the browse function. For the most part, Archion presents original church books online. Please keep in mind that church records are written in script and read our instructions on the forms of script used.

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2 Registration

Register for free online
If the church records you are looking for are already online please register to use the website. Genealogical researchers that are using Archion for the first time can register by clicking on the Register button at the top of the page. If you already registered for the site simply click on Login.

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3 Research

Purchase a pass
In order to gain access to the digitized church records, the next step is to select the appropriate pass for your needs. All available passes expire after the timeframe that you have selected; they are not automatically renewed or extended. If you would like to keep researching, simply purchase a new pass.

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