Wilhelm Hauff - a Literary Genius that Died far too Early ...

Wilhelm Hauff was born on 29 November 1802 in Stuttgart. After his studies of theology and philosophy in Tübingen, he worked as a private teacher and travelled through France and Germany. In this period (1825), his first literary works were published. In particular his fairytale almanacs gained him some popularity, including own texts such as Dwarf Nose or The Cold Heart as well as works by other authors. The latter included Wilhelm Grimm’s Snow White and Rose Red. In his texts, Hauff took up traditional and current topics, at times making use of satirical elements. In 1827, Hauff married his cousin; nine months later, their common daughter Wilhelmine was born. Eight days later, on 18 November 1827 and briefly before his 25th birthday, Hauff died from the consequences of typhoid. His work is attributed to late Romaticism.

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