100th birthday of Sophia Magdalena Scholl 

Brave, courageous, strong - SOPHIE SCHOLL celebrates her 100th birth anniversary today. Born on 9 May, 1921 in Forchtenberg (Wurttemberg) and growing up in Forchtenberg, Ludwigsburg and Ulm, she was educated to liberal, christian values at an early stage. The screenshot from Archion shows the baptism entry of her mother who was born in Künzelsau on 5 May, 1881 under the name Luisa Magdalena Müller. Until her marriage she had been a deaconess, while Sophie’s father Robert (1891 – 1973) worked as a liberally minded politician at that time.

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After being an active member in the “Bund Deutscher Mädel” she and her brother Hans Scholl (1918 - 1943) turned away from the NS regime and got in touch with a prohibited youth organisation, the “Bündische Jugend”. Therefore, the siblings attracted the Gestapo’s attention and were questioned in 1937. During the following stages of her training as a kindergarten teacher and the “Reichsarbeitsdienst”, both her faith and her opposition to National Socialism consolidated.

In 1942, she took up her studies of biology and philosophy in Munich, at the university where her brother studied medicine. There, she joined the “Weiße Rose”, a resistance group of students. The group’s main activity was to express public criticism in the form of leaflets. In 1943, Sophie was first involved in the production of a leaflet. Originating in Munich, these leaflets reached cities like Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin and Vienna. One of the leaflets even got as far as Great Britain where it was copied and later dropped from planes over Germany. 

In February 1943, Sophie and Hans Scholl were spotted distributing leaflets by a university employee. After four days of interrogation by the Gestapo, during which Sophie took all the blame upon herself and her brother to protect her fellow students, a trial before the “Volksgericht” (People’s Court) in Munich was started. On 22 February, the siblings were sentenced to death together with their fellow student Christoph Probst and executed by the guillotine on the same day.