Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - the intellectual genius

2021/07/01 Libraries, streets, schools, institutes, awards and prizes are named after him: GOTTFRIED WILHELM LEIBNIZ.

The versatile scholar was born exactly 375 years ago in Leipzig. The list of his competencies seems endless, only few sciences were ignored by him. The intellectual genius busied himself with mathematics, technology, economics, philosophy, law and history, to name just a few. He developed plans for a submarine and invented a mechanical calculating machine. As a philosopher he attracted attention and strongly influenced the following era of enlightenment, as a lawyer and diplomat he pursued his career at an early stage. At the age of 70 years, Leibniz died on 14 November 1716.

His grave is located in the Neust├Ądter Hof- und Stadtkirche in Hanover. The entry of his death can be found in the church record of the Agidienkirche:

Landeskirchliches Archiv Hannover > Kirchenkreis Hannover > Hannover-Aegidien > KB 1711-1755, image 214