Archion is again ranked among the top 101 genealogy websites

2022/06/09 Archion was once again selected as one of the top 101 genealogy websites by the editors of Family Tree Magazine. We are very happy about that, thank you very much!

You can find the new, updated 101 Best list on the magazine's homepage by visiting:

The Big Bang of Mobility

2022/06/03 Today is the European Bicycle Day. No matter if driven by muscles or a motor - the bicycle is not only fun but a major means of transport in the struggle against climate change. Without the draisine, a precursor of the bicycle developed by KARL DRAIS, the bicycle would probably have never come into existence. Read more here about the tinkerer from Karlsruhe.


»Look it up in the Brockhaus ...«

2022/05/04 Sure, the younger generations won’t have heard this sentence too often as they just type search terms into the search bars of their web browers.

Still, even the younger ones among us may remember admiring the thick, impressive volumes in the bookshelves of their parents or grandparents. Until the Internet raised the search of knowledge to a different level, however, looking things up in this encyclopedia had for centuries been the method of choice to find out about the meaning of words and to appropriate knowledge.

The “Brockhaus”, an encyclopedia in several volumes, is the most important traditional lexicon in German. The name comes from Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus who - as the founder of the publishing house “F.A. Brockhaus” and editor of the encyclopedia - is considered as one of the great publishing figures of his millennium. Today, he celebrates his 250th birthday. TO THE ARTICLE

»He sowed worldtranscending laughter on both young and old«

2022/04/14 With these words Gerhart Hauptmann once paid homage to one of the best-known humorous poets and illustrators of Germany: Wilhelm Busch. Even though Busch was considered serious and secretive, his works are characterized by wit, irony, satiric and humorous elements. In his lifetime, he did not attach much importance to his stories, but his characters are remembered until today, and his picture stories can most probably be found on any bookshelf. In particular the rhymes about the two rascals Max and Moritz who, with their pranks, make life hard for the widow Bolte and the teacher Lämpel.

Today, Wilhem Busch celebrates his 190th birthday. And especially in times like these, when cheerfulness and serenity do not come easy, a pinch of “worldtranscending” laughter will certainly not do any harm.

Find out more about the life of Wilhelm Busch and and learn from the example of Busch why a look at the source is so important: TO THE ARTICLE

The year 2022 starts with 3 online fairs around genealogy

2022/02/16 With no less than three fairs around ancestry and family research within five weeks offer all genealogists the opportunity to find out more about offers, tipps and tricks, to educate themselves, to network and to exchange with other researchers. The starting point is marked by the internationally oriented RootsTech that is organized by FamilySearch as a virtual event and opens its gates for the international audience from 3 to 5 March 2022.

In early April, it goes on with the THE Genealogy Show: Spring Event!. At the same time, from 1 to 3 April, the Genealogica will take place, a trade fair that is organized for the second time this year and addresses a German-speaking audience. The Genealogica presents itself as an online platform to join in, where amateur family researchers, genealogical associations, public and private institutions, all kinds of genealogical service providers and suppliers related to genealogy and history can virtually come together.

The Archion team will be present with information desks at all three fairs. Maybe we can meet at one of the three fairs? We will certainly be pleased if you come by for a visit!


RootsTech 3 to 5 March 2022


Genealogica 1 to 3 April 2022

THE Genealogy Show 1 to 3 April 2022

125,000 Church Books Online

2022/02/09 The next step is taken! Currently, more than 125,000 church books are available online on Archion. But there is no time to rest, the import of new church books will be seamlessly continued.
Please find all new church books under the menu item RECENTLY ADDED which is updated on a daily basis.

The “Father” of the German Economic Miracle Would Celebrate his 125th Birthday

2022/02/04 Hardly any photos show him without the obligatory cigar in his hand, the hallmark of the well-known German politician. Thinking of Ludwig Erhard, people are instinctively reminded of buzzwords such as “Father of the German Economic Miracle” or “Wealth for Everybody”. As Federal Minister for Economy, Vice Chancellor and Chancellor, Erhard is considered the driving force and key figure behind the reforms that provided for the economic boom of the post-war years.

Would Erhard also have a strategy to lead Germany out of the economic crisis triggered, as many people fear, by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Unfortunately, we cannot ask him anymore. But we can celebrate his 125th birthday - and find out more about the man with the cigar.


Extension of the Search Function in the Area of Kurhessen-Waldeck

2022/01/27 Where can I find church books from Leuderode for the 17th century? Are there no older church books from the village of Allmershausen than those from 1830? Church books in the village of Trockenbach end in the year 1830. Where are the younger books?

You already suspect it. Supposed gaps within collections sometimes pose real challenges for family research.

Especially in the case of vicars’ parishes, integrated parishes, temporary vacancy substitutes, mergers and divisions of parishes research based on church books is difficult as in these cases official acts were often entered into the church books of other parishes. At first sight, it may seem as if in certain periods and places no church books had been handed down. So far, these questions could only be solved with a certain amount of research.

As of now, however, the church books of the Protestant church of Kurhessen-Waldeck can be researched faster and more easily.

In cooperation with the regional church archive in Kassel we could now supplement the meta data for the church books of Kurhessen. In doing so, for each and every church books with entries from another place a note was added and taken up into the Archion search index. Due to this recording of references to entries in other places it is now possible to find places with entries that were permanently or just temporarily entered in the church books of a different parish. In order to perform a targeted search for these references, just enter the desired place name into the field TEXT SEARCH of the Archion search mask. After clicking on the green button SEARCH a supplemented hit list will be displayed.

„Ich falle vom Himmel in wirrem Gewimmel“

“From the sky I’m falling, in tempestuous swarming”

2022/01/20 Once again, winter in Germany presents itself in all its facets this year. While in large parts of Germany nothing but raindrops patter from the sky, the snowy winter landscape the quotation above alludes to can be enjoyed in other places. The line was penned by Friedrich Wilhelm Güll (1812 - 1879) who in his poem Winterrätsel (Winter Riddle) evokes shimmering, glimmering flakes and makes the country disappear under a covering of snow.

If the view from your window only reveals grey clouds and puddles, just make yourself comfortable on your sofa under a warm blanket and with a cup of tea to find out everything about the German poet Güll here.


An Appropriate Saying for Every Circumstance

2022/01/04 Whether marriage, baptism or public speech: Quotations and proverbs have always been used in all kinds of speeches. They serve as ice-breakers or anchors, building rhetoric bridges to particular topics. As so-called “dicta” they are part and parcel of our society. All the better for us that the linguist Georg Büchmann recognized their cultural relevance at an early stage. Throughout his life, he collected German quotations and sayings that first appeared in printed form in 1864. A work that has seen countless re- and new editions up to now. Here you can find out more about the editor of Geflügelte Worte (“Dicta”) who would celebrate his 200th birthday today.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!

Family Research in the Palatinate across Different Denominations

Church Records of the Diocese Speyer Go Online

2021/12/15 As of now, you can discover the historic church records of the diocese Speyer online. We are happy that by means of our cooperation with the diocese archive we will be able to provide access to thousands of further church records from the Palatinate and the Saarpfalz. In a first step, almost 250 church books from 33 parishes are currently going online. These include baptisms, weddings and deaths from the 16th to the early 20th century in Speyer, Ludwigshafen, and Homburg. The oldest church book from the former Speyer parish St. German and St. Moritz dates back to 1579. All in all, appr. 90,000 pages are being uploaded. In the time to come, we will successively extend the inventory of the diocese archive Speyer.

The digitized church books of the diocese archive Speyer ideally supplement the church books of the Palatinate church records already uploaded by Archion from the central archive of the Protestant church in Palatinate and the state archive Speyer. They allow for family research across denominations under one digital roof.

To provide you with as much information as possible for your research, the diocese archive has undertaken careful preparatory work. Details on temporary and permanent parish districts facilitate genealogical research. In some cases, alphabetic registers are also available. Church books partly subject to a period of protection are edited separately. In these cases, the digital material still covered by the retention period has not been released, whereas the pictures not covered by the retention period were separated and may already be shown. Please check if the places and periods interesting for you are already available online under:


“recipe for a good, black ink”

2021/12/13 You need a gift for a person who loves to write? In this case, we have the perfect recipe for you! The front cover of a 19th century church record from Biedebach features a detailed recipe for “good, black ink”. All you need are gall nuts, iron vitriol (today also knows as ferrous sulphate), water, gum arabic and lots of time.


THE Genealogy Show: Winter Event! From 3 to 5 December

2021/12/02 Following the success of the first virtual event in June, the Winter Event of the British Genealogy Show will be continued as a virtual event.

The three-day event offers you many lectures of renowned English-speaking genealogists as well as contacts and information on exhibitors at their virtual stands. The live event takes place from 3 to 5 December, 2021. Non-live access to all contents will be possible until 4 January, 2022. We from the Archion team are online at our stand during the live event and cordially invite you to visit us in this time.

You can either purchase your ticket for the Winter Event in advance with a discount option or during the event at the regular price. Please find further information on the Winter Event of the Genealogy Show on the website of the organizer under:

The Forest Surgeon

2021/11/24 Spinal anaesthesia and mixed forest - two terms that sound as if they didn’t have too much in common. They get together, however, in the person of August Bier. Discover the baptism entry of the forester who introduced a method of forest management and is a pioneer of spinal anaesthesia, an anaesthetic standard process. August Bier was born 160 years ago today.


One more Zoom Level with the New Digital Zoom

2021/11/19 A new function supplements the Archion viewer as of now. To extend the optical zoom an additional digital zoom is now available.
With the digital zoom you can zoom further into the picture, the font size gets bigger, and you can discover even more.
This tool scales up the last zoom level of the optical zoom available to the double number of pixels, presenting texts on an additional zoom level. Related to the highest zoom level possible so far, this innovation equals an enlargement of 100%.
We are happy that with this innovation we can offer you a further function in the viewer.  As we have decided against an extreme enlargement in view of image quality you will not be aware of the transition from the optical to the digital zoom. In this way, we can support your research by providing a further element of convenience.

“Haben Sie heute schon geschweppt?”*

2021/11/18 Does that slogan still ring a bell? The man who has bequeathed us a sparkling heritage died exactly 200 years ago today. Jacob Schweppe managed to carbonate large quantities of water and then keep the sparkling liquid in bottles for a long time. 200 years ago, he died in Geneva at the age of 81. Jacob Schweppe was born in Witzenhausern, Northern Hesse. Look here at his baptismal entry in the church book.


*Translator’s note: This formerly familiar slogan derived the new verb “schweppen” from the brand name “Schweppes” and can be translated as “Have you schwepped yet today?”.

Today, the 120,000th church book went online on Archion!

2021/11/11 Reaching a further milestone, we are happy to present you more than 120,000 church books online now. Many thanks to our customers for their loyalty and support. Without you we would not have been able to reach this milestone today. Thank you very much as well to all participating archives for the good cooperation. It takes a joint effort to produce, digitize and post such a huge amount of data. But we are not finished yet. The stock of church books on Archion keeps growing steadily. Every day, further church books from our partner archives are being added. Under the menu item RECENTLY ADDED we show the new additions on a daily basis.


Commatres and Compatres: Early Gendering?

2021/10/29 Gender equality in the German language is a current phenomenon compliant with the „zeitgeist“. So much for conventional wisdom. But is gender-sensitive language really new? An entry from the church record of Holzheim clearly shows that as early as in 1668 the priest reflected on equal rights in language.


New: Church Records from the Church District of Schleiz

2021/10/21 Protestant church records from the church district of Schleiz have been added to the online database of Archion. This church district within the territory of the Protestant Church of Central Germany (Evangelische Kirche Mitteldeutschlands, EKM) is located in the South-East of Thuringia with the beautiful nature park „Thüringer Schiefergebirge – Obere Saale“ in its centre.

With almost 1500 historic church books from 150 parishes you have now got the opportunity to research baptisms, marriages and deaths in the period from the 17th to the 20th century online. Beyond that, family registers, church chair registers, confirmand registers and chronicles are available for your research.

To make as much information as possible available for your research, church books whose contents are partly subject to a period of protection are separately prepared. In this process, pictures that are still subject to the protection period were separated from the pictures that are beyond the protection period and may already be shown. In order to preserve the citability of the respective original book, the total term of the original is also shown. A separate note reminds you that the online version deviates from the original version. Communities in the church district of Schleiz that do not have their own parish are also recorded in the search index and can be found via the free text search. You also find respective indications of filial communities in the description field before you open the book in the viewer.

In the future, we will present you further church records of the EKM in several tranches per year and, as always, alternating with church records from other regions. The next import of church records from Thuringia with the church district of Greiz is planned for 2022.

Please check if the places and periods interesting for you are already available online under:


150 Years of Hildegard Wegscheider - “Prussia’s first female high school graduate”

2021/09/02 Equal rights, women’s rights and educational opportunities were central themes in the life of Hildegard Wegscheider. Today, she celebrates her 150th birth anniversary. Read more here about this interesting personality whose life started in 1871 in the German Empire and ended in 1953 in the Federal Republic of Germany. Discover her birth entry in the church record of the “Neue Kirche” in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


The Basis of Beauty

2021/08/23 Without them our clothes would be dull, our accessories superfluous and our apartments boring: patterns. And how does the variety of patterns get to our clothes or home accessories? What today is being done by computer software used to be performed by so-calles PATRONEURS.


International Youth Day

2021/08/12 For two decades, the International Youth Day has been a memorial day that reminds of the significance of youth as a phase of life and creates awareness of young people’s concerns. It has not always been natural to understand youth as an independent phase of life. In the 17th century, our concepts of childhood and youth as separate phases of life and development have not existed yet, and even in the 19th century, the term youth still had negative connotations of immaturity. There is no clear definition at what age youth begins and ends.

Historically, confirmation is an ecclesiastical event confirming young people’s baptism and belief but also terminating the juvenile phase of life. In this way, it was not only the entry into the ecclesiastical and religious life of adults but also a transition rite from school to professional life. Although it was only in the 18th century that confirmation widely prevailed in Germany, you can find confirmands’ registers from the 17th century with Archion. Discover one of our oldest confirmands’ books:

Obama's German Roots?!

2021/08/04 Happy Birthday BARACK OBAMA! 60 years ago today, former US president Barack Obama was born on Honolulu, Hawaii. Barack Obama is said to have German ancestors: Johann Conrad Wölflin, who was born on 29 July 1729 in Besigheim (Swabia) and emigrated to the USA in 1750, was traced as an ancestor of Obama some years ago.


Now Online: Church Records of the Protestant-Reformed Parish of Hanover

2021/08/03 We are happy to be able to present you as of now church records of the Protestant-Reformed parish of Hanover. With 21 church records it is a smaller collection that has directly reached us from the parish. With Catholic, Protestant and now also Reformed church records the city of Hanover’s online presence is based on historic church records from three Christian confessions.


Thank you for so much positive feedback!

We are overwhelmed and say 'thanks a million' for the great reviews of Archion during the virtual IGGC.The whole team is very happy that you have been able to trace so many of your German ancestors with Archion! See you next time - hopefully live and in person again.
To read the comments please click at the picture.


Too fast forward? Zap, tape jam ...

2021/07/17 Who remembers it, the extinct music tape with its pitfalls?
Tapes are just one of many products the global chemical group BASF used to produce.

The company originated in Mannheim (Baden) and Ludwigshafen (Palatinate) and was founded by FRIEDRICH ENGELHORN who was born in Mannheim 200 years ago today. Read more about Engelhorn here and discover his baptism entry in the church record of the German reformed parish in Mannheim from 1821:




375 years Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

2021/07/01 Libraries, streets, schools, institutes, awards and prizes are named after him: GOTTFRIED WILHELM LEIBNIZ. The versatile scholar was born exactly 375 years ago in Leipzig. Read more here and discover his church book entry.


Baptism entry of Elisabeth of Prussia, great-grandmother of Anastasia
and of Anastasia's mother Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt.

Anastasia's 120th birthday

2021/06/18 Canonized by the Russian-Orthodox church, centre point of numerous speculations and daughter of the last Czar of Russia: ANASTASIA NIKOLAJEWNA ROMANOWA would celebrate her 120th birthday today, but she was only granted a short life.


Archion ranks among the 101 best websites for genealogy

2021/06/10 The Family Tree Magazine selected Archion as one of the 101 best websites for genealogy. We thank you very much and are happy about it. You can find the complete list on the magazine website by visiting:



2021/06/04 His love was dedicated to the military and the monarchy. Today is the 80th death anniversary of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II. Read more here about the controversial monarch.

Catholic and Protestant Church Records under one Digital Roof

"Bistumsarchiv Hildesheim” now with Archion

2021/05/24 Thanks to a new cooperation we can now provide online access to church records of the Bistumsarchiv (diocesan archive) Hildesheim. Setting an ecumenical milestone Hildesheim is the first Catholic archive to use Archion for publishing its digital collections. Almost 450 historic records from the diocesan archive Hildesheim are now available for the cities of Brunswick, Celle, Göttingen, Hanover and Hildesheim. Due to the careful preparatory work of the archivists in Hildesheim targeted access to the individual official acts is now possible. Baptisms, weddings, deaths, confirmations and alphabetic registers are now accessible from the 17th to the 20th century.

We are happy to serve a long-standing user interest by cooperating with the diocese of Hildesheim and allow you to do research in the traditionally mixed-denomination areas by this important module.


Baptism entry of her mother Luisa Magdalena Müller


2021/05/09 She put her life at risk to save the lives of others. Together with her brother she became an icon of the struggle against despotism, suppression and censorship. Today, Sophie Scholl celebrates her 100th birth anniversary. Read more here.

150th birth anniversary of Christian Morgenstern

2021/05/06 He was only 42 years old when he died; today is the 150th anniversary of his birth. The poet Christian Otto Josef Wolfgang Morgenstern  is well-known for his ambiguous and funny poetry. He opened himself up to different currents, philosophies and literature, integrating these impressions into his work. Read more here about the Munich author.


2021/04/23 Adored by many, feared by some: Friedrich Schiller. With students he is usually not too popular. Once you are drawn in, however, you’ll find it hard to get away from him again. Who was the author whose works still fascinate us today? Please read here more today, on the WORLD BOOK DAY, about this man who wrote the “Ode to Joy”.

100th death anniversary of Germany’s last Empress Auguste Viktoria

2021/04/11 More powerful than rated for so long, a leader in the background, a loving wife and mother of seven children, a committed mother of the country for church and charitable institutions, mocked by many as a province princess and church “Juste” [Berlin dialect for Auguste]. We are talking about Germany’s last Empress Auguste Viktoria. Read here more today, on her 100th death anniversary, about herself and her life side by side with the Prussian King and later German Emperor.

100th date of death Karl Ernst Osthaus

Who does not dream of realising themselves and taking decisions for life without the need to consider financial constraints? If you enjoy this privilege, you may decide to just do good for yourself - or for society. Karl Ernst Osthaus, whom we would like to commemorate today on his 100th date of death, not only enriched himself but also the world of art and culture, in particular in his native city of Hagen. The picture shows his baptismal record of 15 May that we have found in the Regional Church Archive of the Protestant Church in Westphalia on Archion.


9th Westphalian Genealogy Day

2021/03/16 On Saturday, 20 March and Sunday, 21 March, the 9th Westphalian Genealogy Day will take place under the motto “Dann eben online! Forschen – diskutieren – in Verbindung bleiben“ („Why not online? Do research - discuss - stay in touch”).

This year, the popular event will for the first time be held as an online information fair and last for two days. On Saturday, you will have the opportunity to visit a virtual trade fair stand, while Sunday will be exclusively reserved for the lecture programme.

We from the Archion team will take part online, and together with employees from the two regional church archives of Westphalia and Lippe we cordially invite you to join our ZOOM meeting on Saturday from 10:30 to 17:00 (CET).

For visitors the complete event is free of charge. Please find further information on the website of the organizer:

110 000 Church records online

2021/03/06 Today the 110 000th church record went online!



2021/01/28 Under the motto “A Virtual Festival around the Research of Family History” there will be a new virtual genealogy fair, the “Genealogica 2021”. Visitors need not do without the customary trade fair experience, though. Starting with the exterior view of a customary trade fair visitors enter the trade fair virtually through big glass entrance doors and face an information desk that is, as usual, available for any questions about the trade fair. Next to it, you will find the hall plan. Here, visitors can get an overview of the trade fair stands participating. One click will take them to the stand they are interested in. Here, experienced trade fair visitors need not forego the familiar look of a trade fair stand, either. Furthermore, a virtual framework programme will sweeten the stay.

Archion will also be present with a stand at the Genealogica 2021. Apart from a presentation of our services you will find further information on possible uses, a help area and the possibility to try out Archion yourself. Even though it will not be possible to shake hands with us you will not be left alone during your visit but are welcome to contact us directly asking your questions during regular office hours. We are looking forward to your visit!

More information on the Genealogica 2021 and how to purchase tickets can be found here:

For one year now: Church records from Central Germany go online

2020/12/17 Exactly one year ago, the first church record from Central Germany went online with Archion. A good occasion to briefly check how many church records are available for your research now - one year later.

Today, appr. 3,900 Central German church records from seven church districts are online. Together, these amount to over 1.4 million church book pages to be viewed in Archion. From the Eisenach archive church records from the church districts Bad Salzungen-Dermbach, Eisenach-Gerstungen, Hildburghausen-Eisfeld, Meiningen and Sonneberg are available for your research. From the Magdeburg archive church records are online from the church districts Bad Liebenwerda and Elbe-Fläming. And in 2021, many more church records will follow. Please check online and free of charge before booking if the places and periods interesting for you are already included under: Landeskirchliches Archiv Eisenach and Landeskirchliches Archiv Magdeburg

More to see. More to discover. More to get excited about.

2020/12/14 In order to make your research even more convenient two new functions have been added to the Archion Viewer.
As of now you can easily fold up the page preview if you don’t need it anymore. This makes the viewer wider, the presentation becomes larger, and you can discover even more. And if you need an even larger view simply switch to the new full screen mode and explore the historic documents in a totally new dimension. These two additional options render your research of historical sources even more convenient. Try it out, you will be excited.



Blue Friday with Archion

2020/11/22 Using tap water is nothing special for us. We get up in the morning and open the tap in order to pour a glass of drinking water, wash our faces or brush our teeth. For us it is natural - for others pure luxury.
We want to contribute to a world in which all people can gain access to clean water, something that is particularly important in order to comply with the hygiene measures during the pandemic.
This is why we're turning Black Friday into Blue Friday: donations rather than discounts.
From each pass bought with Archion on 27 November 2020, we donate 25% to „Viva con Agua", an organisation aiming at providing access to clean water for all people.
Together we can make the world more colourful. Let us contribute to a blue world in which clean water is no longer a luxury.
Please find more information on „Viva con Agua" under:

Now available: Downloads in Landscape Format

2020/11/16 As of now it is also possible to save individual church record pages in landscape format.

To give you even more pleasure in your historic findings from Archion we now offer you to download pages in landscape format as an additional option. This further option is particularly suitable for saving double pages. Of course it will always be possible to download pages in portrait format.

Thus, you have the choice and can always decide which format is best suitable for the permanent storage of your finding on your device. We have collected more interesting facts for you in our help

Hooooray, Even More Church Records!

2020/11/03 Since the news are full of evil tidings at least we can make a positive announcement! The announced church records from Northern Germany, Hanover, Bavaria and the Eastern Territories could be imported faster than expected which is why we can already proceed with further church records.

Now church records from the Rhineland will be published next and here you can follow the current import on a daily Basis:


2020/10/30 What some time ago would have appeared outdated and made us wonder how hard the life of our ancestors must have been does not seem that unfounded any more in the light of the so-called "COVID19-crisis": In a mixed record from Haubersbronn in Wurttemberg the priest thanks God in 1679 for the few deaths which the community had to endure in the year that was drawing to a close. Unfortunately, a pandemic causes many casualties, especially among elders and people already in bad health, so we also live in a time when such an entry does not appear far-fetched.

What distinguishes our situation from that of our ancestors is the hope that the current circumstances are temporary and a solution is within reach. Even if the way to normalcy is shaped by constraints and failures there is the hope to return to a life in which entries about the gratefulness that only few deaths are to be deplored, really are a matter of the past. In earlier times, people could not hope for such a life; for them the daily struggle for survival was reality, mourning for the deceased routine.

The entry was found by our user msiegle. We thank you for all hints and the lively participation in our forum.


2020/09/17 Have you ever encountered job descriptions that you have never heard of before? Then we would like to invite you to visit this page again now and then. We will present old job descriptions and explain their meaning. We are starting with the profession title “Posamentierer” (“passament maker”).

Bandbereiter, Bandnäher, Gürtelwirker, Knöpfelmacher (ribbon preparer, ribbon tailor, belt weaver, button maker) - the list of terms to describe one single profession could be easily extended. Probably the best-known term of this profession that occasionally occurs in our church records is Posamentierer or Posamenter. It describes people who manufacture trimmings, decoration such as borders, edgings, laces, flounces, etc. Trimmings are used in the production of clothes, upholstered furniture or home textiles. The term was taken from French and is derived from passement, in English edging or braid.

We thank you for all hints and enquiries reaching us. Don't hesitate to write us if you also have a question on a specific term or designation.



2020/08/14 Fewer worshippers, empty church benches, less public interest - as reported in the media, the church suffers from an exodus of its members. The problem of sometimes soporific and lengthy prayers and services, cited as one reason thereof, seems to have existed for quite some time. A church convent record from the year 1670, noted in a mixed record of the community of Waldachtal, deals with a very similar problem - churchgoers tended to fall asleep during the liturgy or even to completely stay away from service. For this reason, the stern admonition to attend church more frequently and refrain from falling asleep was noted.

The entry was found by our user msiegle. We thank you for all hints and the lively participation in our forum.



2020/07/16 Virtual church record exhibition "Migration und Mortalität in der Frühen Neuzeit - von Kastenrechnungen und Kirchenbüchern" (Migration and Mortality in the Early Modern Period - Of Tax Authorities and Church Records) by the "Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel" (Regional Church Archive Kassel)

"Refugee crisis", "mass migration" or "multi-cultural society" - terms like these suggest that today's supposedly homogenous society is facing unprecedented challenges, with "foreigners" disturbing our otherwise clearly defined social structure. If you immerse just a little deeper into the history of our society and families you will find out, however, that the boundaries between "us" and "them" are not as clear as many people like to believe today.

A virtual exhibition of the Regional Church Archive Kassel and the German Digital Library shows by means of the preserved church records and invoices related to authorities - the most comprehensive sources allowing to comprehend the development of our society - how migration was, is and will be the permanent companion of our ancestors, contemporaries and descendants. And this is a good thing. If, for example, you like to admire the many grand baroque churches in Hessia you can only do so because capable plasterers from Tyrol created the church decoration. Exploring the past we do not only come across success stories, though. We are also faced with the death of a four-year-old boy who had to die because work migrants were not permanently accepted by the authorities and had to move on from territorial border to territorial border. Without the documentation of such fates and family histories we could not learn from the past today - and are all the more pleased to contribute to the preservation of history and the related learning process by making sources such as church records available to the public in cooperation with our partner archives like the Regional Church Archive Kassel. If you have not done so yet, just browse through our church records and shape the future together with us by learning to understand the past.

Click here for the virtual exhibition.


2020/05/23 It is difficult enough to stand up against your social environment - standing up against the whole world is even harder. The pacifist and theologian Otto Umfrid had to go through this very experience when during World War I he committed himself to peace and international understanding. Today, on his 100th date of death, we commemorate a man for whom peace stood above all. Born on 2 May, 1857 in Nürtingen (Wurttemberg), Otto Umfrid developed into a man who preached love and peace but harvested hatred. His father Otto Ludwig Umfrid (1822 - 1913) was a lawyer and the first biographer of Karl Christian Planck (1919 - 1880). Thus, Otto developed a strong sense of injustice and a high affinity for the philosophy of Planck.

After his studies at the Theological "Stift" in Tübingen he went through different stations before, in 1890, he became a parish priest in Stuttgart, first at the "Martinskirche" and then at the "Erlöserkirche". This is where he got in touch with the German peace movement which he joined in 1894. He contributed to its upswing and, in 1900, became vice-chairman of the society that had moved from Berlin to Stuttgart. His motto was that true peace could only be established and maintained by understanding, contracts and the strengthening of international courts.

Umfrid rejected the fierce patriotism and war euphoria of World War I and expressed this view in different publications issued by himself or like-minded people, arousing the distrust of politics and his employer, the regional church of Wurttemberg. Henceforth, his publications were censored, and he had to smuggle some of his writings abroad to publish them. He attended different pacifist conferences abroad until the German authorities withdrew his passport. A retinal detachment impaired his vision until he became blind. This disease took a lot of his energy so that he had to give up his profession as a priest in 1913. In 1917, he resigned from all his offices and withdrew with his family to Lorch where he died on 23 May, 1920. To honor his commitment he was suggested for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1913, but because of the outbreak of World War I the prize could not be awarded.

The picture shows the baptismal register of Nürtingen with his entry which we found in Archion.

Peace in Times of War - 100 years since Otto Umfrid
Peace in Times of War - 100 years since Otto Umfrid

100 000 Church Records Online

2020/04/22 5 years ago, it was not foreseeable where we would stand today. We are very grateful for the support of our customers and the good cooperation with our participating archives. Our customers and the archives are the reason why the 100 000th church record could go online today. We are motivated and look forward to keep working on Archion, to improve and develop, and to present you the next 100 000 church records.

5 Years - 4 Weeks - 3 Passes

Until 27-APR-2020

2020/03/24 Five years of loyalty and support - we would like to say “thank you”. For this reason we make a special offer this year.
5 years - 4 weeks - 3 passes
For four weeks, from 31 March to 27 April of this year, interested persons and researchers obtain shown access passes to the church record portal Archion at particularly favorable prices.

5 Years of Archion

2020/03/20 It was an experiment turned into a success story: Five years ago we started with the goal to make the church records of the Evangelical Church in Germany and its regional churches available in digital form to all interested parties.

Almost 100, 000 Church Records
Meanwhile, almost 100,000 church records with more than 16 mio. single images are availabe online - and it is still a long way to go. It takes a joint effort to produce, digitize and post such a huge amount of data.

22 Archives
Together with 22 archives from all over Germany we extend our collection every day: apart from Evangelical church records of the regional churches you also find church records from the formerly German Eastern territories, Mennonite church records and also Catholic church records from the Palatinate.

Outstanding Response
No less than 25,000 users worldwide have been able to try and trace their ancestors with Archion in the past five years. The outstanding response shows how important it is to make these valuable sources not only available to the local population but to give everyone the opportunity to also research their family history in digital form. We have set ourselves the goal to pursue this task for another five years and beyond. The users appreciate the commitment as becomes evident from the quote of a family researcher in Flensburg: “To conclude, thank you for implementing our ARCHION and for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to pursue our hobby.” This gratitude is not only due to the staff of the church record portal Archion but above all to the cooperating archives indispensable to make such a platform possible.

Thank You
Five years of loyalty and support - we would also like to say “thank you”. For this reason we make a special offer this year. 5 years - 4 weeks - 3 passes. For four weeks, from 31 March to 27 April of this year, interested persons and researchers obtain selected access passes to the church record portal Archion at particularly favorable prices.

Detailed information on the discount is to follow soon.

Update to Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg

Currently, 1450 books from 200 towns from the two archives in Eisenach and Magdeburg are available online. We first proceed with the import of church records from other regions before continuing with books from the church district Bad Liebenwerda in spring.

Some Thuringia, some Saxony-Anhalt, some Brandenburg

01/2020 With our two new partner archives in Magdeburg and Eisenach researchers now have the chance to do online research in historical church records of the Protestant Church in Central Germany. Currently, 1200 church records from 164 places are available online. Note: The import has just begun, by far not all church records from places in this area are online yet. In the coming years we will continue to fill up the online inventories of both archives. Please check online and free of charge before booking if the places and periods interesting for you are already included under:

Landeskirchliches Archiv Eisenach

Landeskirchliches Archiv Magdeburg

Welcome our new Archives

12/2019 From now we can show you church records from the area of the Lutheran-Protestant Church in Central Germany (Evangelische Kirche in Mitteldeutschland). The archive in Magdeburg will give the starting signal, before church books from the archives section of Eisenach will follow by the beginning of 2020. Over the next few years, we will gradually replenish the online holdings of both archives and, as always, alternating with church records from other regions.

This regional church extends primarily over the two federal states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt and historically has two archives: one in Magdeburg and one in Eisenach. Both archives have been cataloged, filmed and digitized intensively.

So that you can plan your research, we have put together more information about both archives and a first order of the coming regions in the business cards of the two archives.

more about the Landeskirchenarchiv

more about the Landeskirchenarchiv

12-December-2019: Since last night we have


Exchange of digital copies

11/2019 After the online publication of the church records from the church district Grafschaft Schaumburg (Hannover: Landeskirchliches Archiv) numerous researchers gave us the feedback that the resolution was too low. This was connected with a limited zoom option, which has made the readability of the individual entries more difficult.
In order to enable you to conduct a pleasant research in this area too, the regional church archive in Hanover reacted immediately to your feedback and commissioned the digitalization of all church books concerned. The new scans have already reached us and in the next days we can replace the old images with new, higher resolution images.

Church Records from Saxony Online – a Status Report

09/2019 More than thousand church records from many places in the historic church districts Dresden and Meißen are now online. In the church district of Meißen places up to letter N are available at the moment, more will follow soon. For better planning of your research, we have added a small review to the business card of the archive that will always inform you up-to-date which regions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony (Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Sachsens) will be next.

See the business card of the archive

Bye Sacramento – Hello Cincinnati

In mid-June, Archion was represented with a booth at the 2nd International German Genealogy Conference (IGGC) in Sacramento. Our visit was a complete success: the interest, the cordiality and openness were overwhelming. It was just as overwhelming for us when you discovered one of your ancestors live on site in a digitized church book. To experience this joy and enthusiasm up close has been a great event for us that we like to look back to. By the way: in two years, from 16th to 18th July 2021, the 3rd IGGC will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio. Find up-to-date information on the website of the International German Genealogy Partnership:

It continues in Bavaria!

07/2019 It continues in Bavaria! With a large project designed for more than ten years to digitize all historical church records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. The church administration provides funding for this and gives the Regional Church Archive in Nuremberg the opportunity to record all church records, to digitize and to provide them mostly via Archion. First, those church records are prepared and presented online, which are already kept in the original in the Regional Church Archive in Nuremberg. Afterwards it goes into the many parishes, since nearly half of the Bavarian parish registers are still stored on the spot in the parish offices. Each parish may decide for itself whether their parish registers are kept in the Nuremberg Archives after the registration, or whether the originals should be brought back to the respective parish. The main registers, i.e. baptism, marriage and funeral records are made available through Archion. The freshly digitized church records are presented to you in several tranches every year and, as always, in alternation with church records from other archives. The Bavarian large-scale project has picked up speed in April, the first digital copies are currently going online. Bavaria, already represented online with 8,000 church books, will thus be able to offer more than 20,000 church books. Surely, you'll ask yourself when exactly the church book you need will go online within the next few years. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you that, but there is information about the process.

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Family Register as Research Accelerator

Now available online: another 700 Württemberg family registers. This Württemberg peculiarity summarizes the contents of the main registers (baptisms, funerals, marriages) since 1808 and gives quick information about three generations. Printed forms give the registers a clear structure and also allow not so experienced handwriting readers a good and quick introduction to source-based family research.

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8-May-2019: Since last night we have


Optimized for you: Names of the archives under BROWSE

It's great that more and more archives have joined us since the launch of Archion, presenting their church books online. However, the list of archives has become longer and more confusing. That's why we've changed the names: first the region is named and then the name of the archive. The regions appear in alphabetical order. Initially it will be a transition for you as a user, but we hope you will quickly get used to it and appreciate the benefits of the change.

News from our partner archives

Archive discoveries, anniversaries, bibliophile treasures, event notes and current research topics are presented by the Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart (Archive of the Regional Church in Wurttemberg) on its blog:

Now online: Church records from the County of Schaumburg

At the turn of the year the church records from Lower Saxony church district of the County of Schaumburg were newly added to the online inventory in Archion. With more than 400 historical church books from 85 places the inventory offers a colorful mix of church records, civil registers, alphabetic registers, originals and duplicates, and is available for research.


Oldenburg starts with more than 1000 church records

From October, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oldenburg will present more than 1000 digitized church records via Archion.

With the publication of church records of the former state of Oldenburg, baptisms, marriages and deaths can be researched online for the first time from the 17th to the 20th century. This is possible because the archive of the Regional Church of Oldenburg has also collected church records for backup filming and subsequent digitization, which were previously only available to the individual parishes. Among the 82 towns that will go online, you will find the city of Oldenburg as well as the mid-sized towns of Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven. Another import with more than 400 church records from 18 parishes is planned for 2019.


try it now for free

We are often asked whether Archion could be tested for free. We think that this desire is justified in many ways and absolutely understandable. After all you want to know what to expect from family research with Archion.

Experience, investigate and explore the digital church record research with our testing site HILDRIZHAUSEN. Without login, registration and without providing any personal data – non-binding and without any risk.

Ancestors in Dresden’s Annenkirche?

Then quickly visit Archion and browse through church books of the oldest suburb church of Dresden.

Earlier than planned, we can already present the first church books of Saxon Regional Church to you. Therefore, we can again go one step further in supporting you in the efficient search for your ancestors. 

Palatinate online

All released church records of the Protestant Lutheran Church of the Palatinate are available online!

Rejoice with us! Around 3600 church records of the Protestant Lutheran Church of the Palatinate are researchable online now. Together with the church records, that are stored at Landesarchiv Speyer, the area of the State Church of Palatinate is almost completely covered. The central archive also endeavors to obtain approval from the political municipality to put the church records in Archion that are lying in city archives, registry offices or mayoralties.

At the end of each calendar year the church records that are not in a retention period anymore are added to Archion and released for use.


Protestant Church Records from Saxony on Archion

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony is going to present their church records on Archion. The archive responsible for the Saxon Regional Church is already working at high pressure on the preparation, cataloguing, filming and finally digitizing of thousands of historical church records. The focus is on the security filming of the church records originated until 1875, what already took place for 25 % of the church records. Books which are stored in the respective rectories are especially prepared for this elaborate large-scale project and brought together for the filming. Then digitized from film. All these steps of course need their time. Nevertheless, we can present the first historical church records from Saxony already by the end of 2018 to you online.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony is one of 20 member churches of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). The territory predominantly includes that of the former Land of Saxony within the borders of 1922. At the moment 719 church communities and parishes are belonging to the Regional Church, each assigned to one of the 18 church districts.

Now online – Church Records of LANDESARCHIV SPEYER

More than 400 digitized church records, mainly from Palatinate and Rhine-Hessian parishes, are now available online in Archion. Catholic, Lutheran and reformed church records list baptisms, weddings, funerals and confirmations and primarily include the period from 1565 – 1798. Besides this classic information the inventory includes further interesting directories concerning family history. Especially researchers that are interested in local history get their money’s worth: numerous additional lists inform about conversions, migrations, local and church chronicle, about weather and harvest. The majority of the new inventory assembles church records that originally emerged in various parishes and came to Landesarchiv Speyer through municipal administrations. With the presentation in Archion it is now possible to make this historically valuable inventory available online to all interested people.

Archion Clips on YouTube

In collaboration with students of an animated film class of an academy of arts and the association of church archives two 90-second animated films were created this summer. In an English and German version, they show how Herr Nolte and Mrs. Smith immerse into their family histories. During conception it was important to us to demonstrate the possibilities, that arise from Archion for family research, but also to show the limits and state clearly, that not every detail of family history is reconstructable. But due to the constantly rising number of original documents, Archion provides the best opportunities to Herr Nolte and all curious people, that want to discover their own roots.

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