Viewer Functions

For optimal image viewing, we recommend the free internet browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. With Internet Explorer not all functions of the viewer are always compatible.

The left column shows thumbnails of individual pages in the church book that you are currently viewing and allows you to scroll up and down. Clicking on a thumbnail displays the page in the viewer.

The upper viewer task bar contains the following functions:

With this icon you can easily fold up the page preview if you don't need it anymore.

And if you need an even larger view simply switch to the new full screen mode.

Further information about the church book

Send a feedback to Archion about this church book

Download: Save the current image as a PDF

Set a bookmark

Permalink: with this you can link a page from a church book to e.g. discuss in the forum about that

The second viewer task bar contains the following functions:

Zoom in or out of the current image

Rotate the current image right or left

Change the brightness of current image