How do I create a permalink?

Permalinks allow you to create a link to any given church book page. This allows you better discuss a certain record in the forums or to save a specific entry for later.

In order to create a permalink, first open the church book page you would like to save. Click on the "Permalink" symbol at the upper left hand side of the page.

On the right side a window will appear with the headline "Create permalink". The image area will change somewhat, so please make sure to readjust the page image where necessary.

Zoom and pan the page to the location you would like to save. In order to create a link to this exact image, place a check in the box next to "Include zoomlevel & image-section" and then click on "Create".
If you do not check the box, the zoom level will not be saved and the permalink will show the entire page.

After clicking on "Create", the permalink will appear on the page. You can then mark and copy this link in order to share it with others or save it for your own use.