What should I know about downloads?

What do we mean by a download?

During your subscription, you can view as many church book pages as you would like. A download occurs when saving or printing an image from the viewer. The image that you see in the viewer is converted to a pdf file and downloaded to your computer.

How can I print out a church book page (Download)?

First of all click on the download icon in the viewer’s upper tool bar.
Than use the zoom function in the viewer to select the image area that you wish to print (+…- in the lower tool bar in the viewer or using your mouse wheel). Than choose if you want the PDF in landscape or in portrait format. The image can be downloaded as a PDF file and then printed.

In order to help you get optimal results, repeated downloads of the same page (during seven days) will not count against your download volume limit.

Where can I see how many downloads I have left?

 Log in to your account and click on your username on the upper right hand side. On next page, click on “Subscriptions”. You will see your remaining download volume there.

I have extra downloads remaining

Each pass comes with a certain number of downloads associated with the account. Unused downloads expire when the pass expires.

I have used all of my downloads

Every available pass comes with a certain number of available downloads from the church book viewer. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to add more downloads after they have been used. We are currently working on this and hope to be able to offer you this service as soon as possible.