What should I know about the 20-Day-Allotment?

What does the 20-Day-Allotment consist of?
This pass allows you to access digitalized church books on 20 separate days within one year and up to 50 image downloads. One day equals 24 hours of access after login. It does’t matter if you write for e.g. in the forum or view church books - from login starts the day/ 24 hours.
The first login takes place when you book your pass. For this reason, please wait to purchase your pass until you are ready to begin your research.

Does logging out of my account end the 24 hour period?
No. The day /24 hours begins with your initial login. You can log in and log out as many times as you like within this period without a new day/24 hours being deducted from your account.

You log in on Monday, the 13th of March at 3:11pm. You can now do research until March 14th at 3:10pm. Within this 24 hour period, you can log in and log out of your account as many times as you would like – you will not be charged for another day. Please note: if you do not log out of your account by the end of the 24 hour period, a further day will be deducted from your allotment. In the above example, a manual log out must take place not later than Tuesday, March 14th at 3:10pm to avoid a further day from being charged to the account.