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I am new to all this and I am not writing German either - sorry about that. I am searching for my grandfather Bahne Jessen, born in Bohmstedt, Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein round 1917, worked in Husum and died round 1971 (+/- 2 years). I have tried to look around online and unlike the Danish records, where I can find all family members on my grandmothers side, I can't seem to find anything ... or I I am not searching the right places. Where would I find church records or records at all on someone born in Bohmstedt? Could anyone help me please? Any answers are wellcome - in German too ... I will try to google-translate what I can't figure out. Thank you.

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Hi Chrisco,
Bohmstedt is part of the lutheran parish of Drelsdorf.
Best, Gudrun

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