Harksen and Nissen

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Hello I am investigating the land of my ancestors, so far finding a lot of register!
Anyone has this two lastnames in their family tree?
Harksen and Nissen, those are my closest relatives. After those I have many other on mother sides of course. But they are very common for what I can see in the registers. So I stick to the closests.
My great great grandfather karl theodor harksen born in 1869 owned a carriage construction company in Klixbüll if anyone knows the area and history I would like to know more.
Thanks for any answer.

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in the proper sense I have no help for you.

But maybe its helpful for you:

> A Homepage for the censuses in Schleswig-Holstein (The first complete was 1803). I have found there many new informations, maybe you too.

Tough a search for Harksen in Klixbüll, reveal no useful...


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