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[img]Hello, sorry but I can't speak German at all.
I am looking for information about JOSEPH RAUB. In France I can't find anything about him, he was German .
He was born in Coblentz on the 13/08/1800. Another act say he was born in Kullsdedt.
He Was sergent in the REGIMENT OF HOLENLOHE
His parents were : HENRI RAUB and MARGUERITE MONTAG .

Please, can you help me find some information because it was my grand grand father and it's important for me and my father .
Thank you very much

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Good evening,
I don’t have any information on your ancestor, but if he indeed was from Küllstedt, he was most likely catholic and in this case you won’t find any information here, as on this portal only protestant church books can be found. Montag is a very common name there. I’m afraid the church records of Küllstedt are not available online, you will have to pay a visit to the catholic bishopric archive (Bistumsarchiv) in Erfurt, or contact them via
Dr. Matscha is very helpful (and likes to talk), unfortunately I don’t know how good he speaks English.
Of course he’d need some information to start from, so it should be verified first if Joseph Raub was born in Koblenz or in Küllstedt. I currently don’t have a pass here, so I cannot be of further assistance, sorry.

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