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Patrizia, Sorry to say, but that was a false alarm last week. The Jacob Ross I found died as an infant. To be honest, I was puzzled by the Protestant background. There had to be a reason for the Catholic baptism in Chicago: Ross the father must have been Catholic. I am back to Square One looking at all the Catholic Baden records now for his baptism. I had spent months looking for his marriage without success.

As my cousin suggested, they may have shipped off to America and posed as husband and wife, especially since she was 3 months pregnant. She was orphaned at age 10, so she was running her own program.

I did not do every town in Baden but 400+ towns on its western side. If I do not find the birth record in these towns, I will expand. Eventually, I will do all of Baden, if I need to. People say it’s impossible. It’s not. It’s just time consuming. For some reason, it’s quicker to pull up the birth records than the marriage records which are sometimes buried in the church registers.

Good luck with your research. It has been helpful to learn that Ross can be both a Protestant (predominantly) and Catholic name.